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The restaurant, not far from the historic centre of Recanati and just a few kilometers from the Adriatic coast, is located between the ancient Porta Cannella and the Church of Castelnuovo – two landmarks of the town. The elegant and comfortable space, characterized by pure shapes and material contrasts, opens the view to the Sibillini Mountains and the countryside of Recanati. The same view that inspires the creativity of our cuisine.

«Few elements, simple and accurate, which fascinate and capture, creating a singular and welcoming atmosphere, leaving at the same time the scene to the dishes and highlighting the importance of the cuisine.»

Meri Paglialunga – Interior Designer

Andrea bertini

Andrea, chef and owner of Casa Bertini restaurant, was born and raised in Recanati, a few steps from Riviera del Conero. Here he came into contact with the cuisine and flavors of his two grandmothers: his father’s one with traditional dishes from Le Marche region, and his mother’s one with the typical Milanese cuisine.

He attended the Hospitality Institute of Loreto where he began his professional training. He carried out his first experiences in some trattoria and restaurants in the area of Recanati, before moving on to the haute cuisine of luxury hotels, such as “La posta vecchia Hotel” in Ladispoli (Rome), learning from chefs such as Daniele Priori and Michelino Gioia. Not satisfied with the results obtained, he decided to move to Colorno (PR) to attend ALMA, the School of Italian Culinary Arts, led by Gualtiero Marchesi – the father of modern Italian cuisine, obtaining a diploma in the “Advanced Course of Italian Cuisine” and proving to be the second best student among the 80 participants coming from all over Italy. Andrea was now ready to have new work experiences in the best Italian restaurants: first “All’Enoteca” in Canale d’Alba (CN), directed by Chef Davide Palluda and who immediately established a good relationship with; then alongside Chef Mauro Uliassi, at the restaurant “Uliassi” in Senigallia (AN).

At this point, he decided to return to his homeland and open a restaurant in order to give life to his own creations. In this new journey he is accompanied by Matteo, his great friend and colleague from Piemonte, who decided to follow him in this challenging adventure.

Matteo Ressico

Matteo was born and raised in Fiano, a small town in the province of Turin.

He studied at the Hospitality Institute of Lanzo, where he came into contact for the first time with the world of restaurants, approaching the dining service . Still a student, he carried out his first work experiences, starting from some luxury hotels, such as “Grande Hotel Ala di Stura e Relais Bella Rosina” – in Parco della Mandria; and then arriving in starred restaurants, such as “La Credenza” in San Maurizio Canavese (TO) – alongside Giovanni Grasso and Piazza Duomo in Alba (CN), guided by Vincenzo Donatiello.

After graduating in 2017, Matteo decided to move to Canale d’Alba (CN) to work at Chef Davide Palluda’s restaurant “All’Enoteca”, where he stayed for about four
years taking care of the dining service together with Ivana and Alessia. It was here that he met Andrea and their friendship began.

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